Simply dreaming…

Today is a day for simply-dreaming about cooler days that are here now, what to wear for the  mystery dinner….bringing out all my old books … while having a warm cup of tea and just dreaming….

simply relaxing…


Vintage Black and White…

Vintage black and white is the timeless style that always looks so glamours. So old hollywood always so much fun. I bought the camera on the top left for some retro pictures. This board is where I found my inspiration for my black and white …..   Party…

here are the invitations I created for the party…

You can see the party here..on my simply earth blog,

Hope you find some inspiration for your black and white event

xoxo Cheryl

My inspirational board

Here is my inspirational board I created with my pictures. I am using my everyday white plates, black letter cups and I  added some  cream and soft yellow pumpkins, black napkins,black spiders and some black crows . I purchased some black masks from Micheals and added a little sparkle . I found some old books from the thrift store and tor off the covers and stacked them on my piano and I am going to use them on my dinning room table and put my candle sticks on the books to create some drama. I found the perfect halter black dress, now all I need are some soft yellow gloves and red lipstick. I think I can just get some white ones and dye them soft yellow . The cake is going to be made by Cake designs by Dora. (her website on a later post ). Well it’s a start , I’ll post how to create some simple masks next week , and my shopping for flowers and some tips for a simple but elegant menu.

Welcome to The Paper Mystique

Here you will find my love for vintage classic style and my romantic side. I love the art of paper. The word mystique  in translation  means an air of mystery that may surround a person or a thing. I love paper, the beautiful old musty books from thrift stores or a resale book store, when you open the book you’re in  a world of intrigue. The old pages of these books hold a bit of mystery and a bit of the past, and so the adventure begins as I ponder each book. Maybe I would find an old love letter someone wrote, or an old post card… then the excitement and magic begins.    I am a photographer and I create custom photography invitations, save the dates, photo books, note cards and other French papertries.

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Thank-you, Cheryl