Mini Renaissance Book Necklace

I love old books and jewelry.  I have always wanted to make these mini books necklaces I have seen on pinterest . Something you would find at an old enchanting conservatory, left by the fairy’s of course. I used old book ends and old book pages to create this little master piece.


 I found this pendent from hobby lobby which I liked cause it give my piece a Renaissance look.


I attached my piece on a simple black ribbon with a clasp.


I used a sheer ribbon to tie the book together.


And when you open my little book , you will find a stamped  Renaissance heart on the old pages.


The perfect gift for Valentines Day, I will be selling these one of a kind, mini book necklaces at “The Paper Mystique.

Have an enchanting weekend.


A paper book creation…

A paper book creation I made using the invite and wrapping paper from The Mad Hatter Tea party.

A keepsake for Doras Mad Hatter Tea party.

I added some ribbons, buttons, old clock faces, the tea bag from the party and an old small teacup from a thrift store. A special way to remember any party or event.

Have a great week, xoxo

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