Love and money…

Love and money...
Love and money…I am packing my bags, and my Etsy shop and heading up the coast to shop for vintage clothes. All I need is my jeans, camera and my comfy boots and tea cup and tea kettle. I can make money anywhere I go. Join me on my adventures and stop back and see what I find on my treasures. by sacred-cheryl featuring how to wear boots

Summer to Fall style

Fall style
My wishes for July… for myself and my Boutique.
Fall style by sacred-cheryl featuring a graph notebook

Lavender Ritual

Lavender Ritual
Lavender bath salts, a candle and vintage bottles, what could be better.  Maybe a love potion or two. I am happy to say I have been making Lavender bath and shower salts available in pretty bottles at my shop space. I have set theses salts out under a full moon so they are energized.

The skin is the largest organ of elimination in the human body, hot water opens the pores, thus a salt bath allows for a natural and enjoyable release of toxins.  This may account for the many reported therapeutic benefits:

-Softer skin

-Stress reducion

– Alkalizes tissues – reducing acidity in body

– Re-mineralization of body

– Increased Circulation

– Deep Relaxation

– Increased Oxygenation of tissues & cells

– Effective treatment for skin irritations, (psoriasis, eczema and dry skin problems)

Many ancient cultures have incorporated natural mineral salt baths in their rituals for healing and cleansing.  The website for Grail springs spa, states that a salt bath on a New Moon  has the same cleansing effect as a 3 day fast.  I don’t know about you, but I would definitely prefer to have a salt bath!



            It’s that time again when my inner witch comes out and I plan for my annual Halloween party. I always wear a simple black dress and witchy green shoes, and a big black hat.
Just bit of Witchery… eat , drink and be magical !


Am feeling blush...
I am feeling blush , gray with a touch of pink.  I have the end of summer blues, so much more I wanted to do. My  son is back to school and it’s time to start blogging more. I went to a resale bookstore today with my girlfriend Dora and found some great old black books, which was a great find ! This mint indoor garden in a bag , is on my list of items to get now , such a wonderful pick me up. It’s still hot enough here in California for ice cream recipes.
Hope you have a   great week…