Witches money & love spell bottles…

witch bottles 023

 This is what you will need for a Witches money bottle spell.

1. an clear wine bottle.

2. a tag with a skull stamped on it.  I bought this stamp at Micheal’s.

3. any kind of  charm you have.

4. white bakers twine

5. an old wine bottle cork.

6. any money spell you like, I found this one on Pinterest. Print it in black & white.

Clean your clear bottle.  Tie your paper sheet spell  in a roll and wrap it with the twine. Distress it with tea stain, or distressing ink. Put it in the bottle with the cloves. Tie the twine around the top several times.

The tag I got from a garage sale but I have seen these at staples or Micheal’s. Distress the tag with tea or distress ink, and write on it with black pin, the tittle of your spell. Cut the cork so it fits your size bottle.

witch bottles 025

I am going to use these bottles for my apothecary  table. This whole project costs less than $12.00. Since this project is so cost effective , I have made many potions bottles, different labels and wine bottles.

witchery 069

Her is the start of my apothecary table for my witches kitchen,..still need to add just a few more items.

witchery 044

And here is my apothecary table at my boutique space.

witchery 064

My boutique space is located at the VINTAGE VENDETTA which is located at 126 B. Main street, Lake Elsinore. Ca 92530.

Have a great week !


Fresh Spring Easter table…


 I love paper ! So  I decided to make my table runner out of white polka dot kraft paper . I added some fresh spring teacup napkins, some small white bunny and my white dishes to create a simple but fresh spring Easter  table.


Whats nice about this color scheme is I can keep my eggs white and they look great in my french market wire basket. I decided to squeeze my orange juice and serve white tea. I picked up these white flower cut folded note cards at Micheals for seating .

IMG_88309Old miss match silver, white tea cups and an old watering can I picked up at a thrift store. It had flowers painted on it so I spray painted it white .


hard-boiled eggs

fresh squeezed orange juice

coffee & white tea

dill , cucumber , ham and cream cheese sandwiches

fresh fruit salad with lavender syrup

chocolate dipped strawberries

carrot cake

jelly beans from Trader Joes

Spring Mad Hatters Tea…

It’s a spring Mad Hatters tea and Leo and Alexia are dressed with their very best tea party attire.  The weather is warming up here so a tea in the garden , is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Not to mention the yummy cookies.  Alexia blew Leo a kiss !

IMG_811412 IMG_811812 IMG_812912 IMG_813212 IMG_807512 IMG_808012 IMG_808112

Alexia was such a lady as she drank her tea, and Leo well… was such a little boy ! The vintage suitcase filled with a clock,  old books and tea items made this afternoon tea extra special. And of course a “drink me ” potion  to make little girls giggle.  Leo and Alexia enjoyed every moment of this enchanting tea.

IMG_810812 IMG_811212 IMG_811312

“We’re all mad here !”  

These children  have way to much fun when they are together !

The perfect day for a Spring Mad Hatters Tea…

xoxo Sacred Cheryl

Happy Holidays….

I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner and I have set my table the night before. We have a new addition to the family this year and his only a week old ! We have so much to be thankful for this prosperous year…. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday !

xoxo Sacred Cheryl

A Mad Hatter Tea Party…

I decorated my hat with silk flowers, a pearl button and an antique pin…..and brought out my brown dress with white polka dots.

And I wrapped Doras present with brown polka dot postage paper with a writing tablet as a card…..

The perfect place seating for every guest …..

A name card, teacup with honey spoon and a teabag that said” Drink Me !”…..


Food was by Holly…..

and I must say she did an excellent job , her presentation was stunning!!

and it was every bit as good down to the last bite

Claudia was enjoying her tea….I designed  her hat and pearls.

 Dora used my vintage green and cream chairs and  book stacks. Dora made  a magical cake !!!

A pink flamingo too cute …..

Such a fun party…

 xoxo Cheryl

 See a spring-mad-hatters-tea here !!

Mad Hatter Tea…




I have bought a new pale yellow straw hat, and added some silk flowers…and am wearing a vintage brown dress with white polka dots . Dora is  doing the table setting with my antique silver, vintage chairs, white table clothes and book stacks ….should be a fun event tomorrow.

Post soon to follow, have a great weekend…

 xoxo Cheryl

Happy Easter…

Happy Easter
I am having Easter brunch Alfresco this year , inspired by this inspiration board I created…I will post my event next…
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend , he full pink moon is in the enchanting sign of Libra tonight so light your candle and make a wish.     

A Magical Green table…

Silver and green is one of my favorite combinations and with a canvas table clothe it’s the perfect setting for March… I purchased this center piece from Roger’s Garden in Newport Beach for their Christmas sale. I think it looks like spring.

I have mixed my antique silver with a coffee creamers set Tanya bought for me from Anthro. I like to  have cappuccino in theses cute little cups for breakfast.

This old silver tureen I purchased at Maria’s Antiques,  is perfect for my fresh strawberries.

And what makes this table magical is this old green candle holder with a white candle….

and the cute little brown sparkle bird hidden in the ivy.

I stacked my everyday green plates with my everyday salad plates and a flower white china plate edged in gold….


These napkin rings are from Anthro also and a present from Darrill’s mom. They are silver and gold.

The menu is on my kitchen chalkboard that I made, now…  breakfast is served…

I hope I have inspired you to create a Magical Green table

Have a simply enchanting Month…

xoxo Cheryl