Witchy inspiration from Pottery Barn


 Some inspirations for this weekend from Pottery Barn, love the witches broom and the pumpkins and crow !


The Dead & breakfast sign and the black chairs with the crow pillows are simply enchanting !

Just in time for the  b-e-w-i-t-c-h-i-n-g-m-o-n-t-h of October !

Have a great weekend shopping !

Pictures & information  from : http://www.potterybarn.com/products/halloween-twig-led-lit-broom-swag-wreath


All you need is love…

These are the cards I have created for my Paper Boutique. They are simple , pretty and  for Valentine’s Day.


I used kraft paper cards, with my black & white photography, and some simple white hearts. I use the courier font for all my cards, as I use my vintage type writer.


I like to embellish my cards with small details like a paper clip or small cutout .


 The Paper Mystique cards , by Sacred Cheryl…

And some simple words by “The Beatles”…

” All you need is Love, Love is all you need.”


Vintage Black and White events…

Photos from my pinterest.com I put  together this board for a client who is having a girls only Birthday party, she wanted a big cake and  fun invitations. I have a Black and white ball every year so I love to put together black and white events.

The event is at this cafe in Hollywood, so I took a picture of the cafe and created this vintage black and white invitation. She also wanted personal note cards.

So old hollywood, and so much fun !!

Have a great week,

xoxo, Cheryl


Colors I am loving for 2012…

The colors I am loving for 2012 are tans, grays and whites. This bedroom is for sweet dreams and a little bit of magic as all  your dreams come true.

I went to the after Christmas sales and bought all the white, silver and gold ribbons, candles and napkins . And lots of silver bulbs from Restoration and Hardware.

 I like the style of this room…simple and chic !

Today I wore Black and tan and I felt so simply chic. I think natural colors are easy to group together and always look so classic  as seen on my pinterest !  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and good luck shopping !

xoxo Cheryl

Bag and boots  by Micheal Kors and photos from google and Hunter.


A touch of Red….

(Inspirational board from snippet and ink)

Love this simply chic color combination of black, white and that perfect touch of red, very earthy and simply enchanting, perfect for a winter wedding.


Wedding Divas…

I love the simply chic style of this save the date perfect for  a winter wedding…

Love this save the date for a fall wedding.

I love the simplicity and the prices from weddingpaperdivas , I have enjoyed seeing my photos as save the dates from wedding divas…

Happy shopping,  xoxo Cheryl


Black and White Chic…

I love Black and White chic, for an event  , a style of dress….for everyday table dishes. It’s a simply timeless color combination that always looks fresh.  Add a touch of yellow or a touch of apple green, or even a touch of pink for a perfectly exciting effect. I have an entire vintage  black and white wardrobe complete with colored shoes that I have had for a long time that still looks great today. And Black and White is so very French chic !

Hope everyone has a simply easy  Sunday !


Vintage Black and White…

Vintage black and white is the timeless style that always looks so glamours. So old hollywood always so much fun. I bought the camera on the top left for some retro pictures. This board is where I found my inspiration for my black and white …..   Party…

here are the invitations I created for the party…

You can see the party here..on my simply earth blog,    http://sacredcheryl.wordpress.com/2010/10/31.

Hope you find some inspiration for your black and white event

xoxo Cheryl