Witchy inspiration from Pottery Barn


 Some inspirations for this weekend from Pottery Barn, love the witches broom and the pumpkins and crow !


The Dead & breakfast sign and the black chairs with the crow pillows are simply enchanting !

Just in time for the  b-e-w-i-t-c-h-i-n-g-m-o-n-t-h of October !

Have a great weekend shopping !

Pictures & information  from : http://www.potterybarn.com/products/halloween-twig-led-lit-broom-swag-wreath


All you need is love…

These are the cards I have created for my Paper Boutique. They are simple , pretty and  for Valentine’s Day.


I used kraft paper cards, with my black & white photography, and some simple white hearts. I use the courier font for all my cards, as I use my vintage type writer.


I like to embellish my cards with small details like a paper clip or small cutout .


 The Paper Mystique cards , by Sacred Cheryl…

And some simple words by “The Beatles”…

” All you need is Love, Love is all you need.”


Vintage Black and White events…

Photos from my pinterest.com I put  together this board for a client who is having a girls only Birthday party, she wanted a big cake and  fun invitations. I have a Black and white ball every year so I love to put together black and white events.

The event is at this cafe in Hollywood, so I took a picture of the cafe and created this vintage black and white invitation. She also wanted personal note cards.

So old hollywood, and so much fun !!

Have a great week,

xoxo, Cheryl

Colors I am loving for 2012…

The colors I am loving for 2012 are tans, grays and whites. This bedroom is for sweet dreams and a little bit of magic as all  your dreams come true.

I went to the after Christmas sales and bought all the white, silver and gold ribbons, candles and napkins . And lots of silver bulbs from Restoration and Hardware.

 I like the style of this room…simple and chic !

Today I wore Black and tan and I felt so simply chic. I think natural colors are easy to group together and always look so classic  as seen on my pinterest !  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and good luck shopping !

xoxo Cheryl

Bag and boots  by Micheal Kors and photos from google and Hunter.

Black and White Chic…

I love Black and White chic, for an event  , a style of dress….for everyday table dishes. It’s a simply timeless color combination that always looks fresh.  Add a touch of yellow or a touch of apple green, or even a touch of pink for a perfectly exciting effect. I have an entire vintage  black and white wardrobe complete with colored shoes that I have had for a long time that still looks great today. And Black and White is so very French chic !

Hope everyone has a simply easy  Sunday !

Vintage Black and White…

Vintage black and white is the timeless style that always looks so glamours. So old hollywood always so much fun. I bought the camera on the top left for some retro pictures. This board is where I found my inspiration for my black and white …..   Party…

here are the invitations I created for the party…

You can see the party here..on my simply earth blog,    http://sacredcheryl.wordpress.com/2010/10/31.

Hope you find some inspiration for your black and white event

xoxo Cheryl