Witches money & love spell bottles…

witch bottles 023

 This is what you will need for a Witches money bottle spell.

1. an clear wine bottle.

2. a tag with a skull stamped on it.  I bought this stamp at Micheal’s.

3. any kind of  charm you have.

4. white bakers twine

5. an old wine bottle cork.

6. any money spell you like, I found this one on Pinterest. Print it in black & white.

Clean your clear bottle.  Tie your paper sheet spell  in a roll and wrap it with the twine. Distress it with tea stain, or distressing ink. Put it in the bottle with the cloves. Tie the twine around the top several times.

The tag I got from a garage sale but I have seen these at staples or Micheal’s. Distress the tag with tea or distress ink, and write on it with black pin, the tittle of your spell. Cut the cork so it fits your size bottle.

witch bottles 025

I am going to use these bottles for my apothecary  table. This whole project costs less than $12.00. Since this project is so cost effective , I have made many potions bottles, different labels and wine bottles.

witchery 069

Her is the start of my apothecary table for my witches kitchen,..still need to add just a few more items.

witchery 044

And here is my apothecary table at my boutique space.

witchery 064

My boutique space is located at the VINTAGE VENDETTA which is located at 126 B. Main street, Lake Elsinore. Ca 92530.

Have a great week !


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