A witches broom…

Good morning, it’s cool and overcast here , the perfect day to make a witches broom. I said I was going to make brew bottles next, but I decided since this project was so inexpensive and easy to make ,I would do a witches broom. What you will need. Rustic twine, raffia (I bought mine from Wal-Mart for $ 1.99), an old stick, mine was from my trees.

witches broom 001

I found these in the lawn trash pile and thought these were so enchanting.

.witches broom 004

witches broom 006

Open your raffia fold it in half and gather it at the top.

witches broom 007

Attach the raffia at the bottom of the stick and leave room to tie the twine.

witches broom 008

Tie the twine around the raffia and stick several times, and finish it off with a knot. Trim the bottom of the raffia so it’s nice and even.

witches broom 011

This entire project cost  me less than $6.00 to make. And it looks so much more enchanting that the ones you would purchase. This one is perfect for my witches kitchen !

Lot’s more witch projects to come. <| : }



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