Kitchen Witchery Sign…

It’s that time again when my inner witch comes out and I prepare my home with a few touches to insure I have a wonderful holiday season. Since Halloween is soon to be upon us, I decided to create a witches kitchen, complete with  herbs, witch sign, enchanted broom and a lot of spell and potion bottles. My 1st project was this witchery sign I made from plywood. I made one for my shop space and one for my home. I found an old plywood board and washed it down with water and let it set in the sun a few days to age it.

goe and leo 030

Next I bought some flat white paint at Lowe’s  and watered it down. I painted both sides with a large paint brush and let it dry in the sun for a day . Next I sanded all the edges .

goe and leo 029

I went to Micheal’s and bought this 4″ stencil for about $ 5.99 and some black markers. I used a measuring tape  and made sure the lettering was even. I traced the letters with pencil then I colored them in with the black markers.

goe and leo 028

I did not fill in the letters completely so the sign  had a distressed look. I sanded the entire board  and added a white wire on the top. This whole project cost me less than $20.00 to make. There are so many ways to make your own sign personal with different fonts and different woods.

Next post how to make potion bottles from your old wine bottles.

I will be posting two projects a week, so follow along. <| : )



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