Salvaged kitchen design


Our salvaged kitchen remodel makes me smile every time I wake up in the morning to have my morning cup of chai tea, or coffee.

kitchen 004

I have everything I need right here within my reach. My white tea-pot, my over sized coffee cups, my french press and  small white plates. These wood shelves were salvaged from an old bed frame. The base cabinets and granite counter top are from the .existing kitchen. The microwave that once sat as a hood above the cooktop was salvaged and is now located below the countertop.

kitchen 025

Right below are my French baskets full of teas, coffees and sugar in the raw. I bought the baskets from Target and the back wall tile was salvaged from a kitchen show room.

kitchen 017

We painted the walls a soft gray, and painted our round table top white. The bottom of kitchen hood (which I call my hearth ) was an old hood found at a  warehouse  and he built the flue out of leftover plywood .

kitchen 017

Where a desk once sat ,a new pantry was built and the door was  re-used  from the original pantry.

kitchen 001

The small opening on the left is where the old pantry use to be, Darrill installed some white cabinets, and arched the opening and installed the wall tile around it.  Here is a before picture of the same space.


As a kitchen designer for Home depot, and Expo company for 16 years, I was not happy to go through this  remodel , but  I can now honestly say, it was well worth it .

Thank-you, dear you did an amazing job,

it’s the  kitchen I’ve  always wanted .



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