Spring Mad Hatters Tea…

It’s a spring Mad Hatters tea and Leo and Alexia are dressed with their very best tea party attire.  The weather is warming up here so a tea in the garden , is the perfect way to spend the afternoon. Not to mention the yummy cookies.  Alexia blew Leo a kiss !

IMG_811412 IMG_811812 IMG_812912 IMG_813212 IMG_807512 IMG_808012 IMG_808112

Alexia was such a lady as she drank her tea, and Leo well… was such a little boy ! The vintage suitcase filled with a clock,  old books and tea items made this afternoon tea extra special. And of course a “drink me ” potion  to make little girls giggle.  Leo and Alexia enjoyed every moment of this enchanting tea.

IMG_810812 IMG_811212 IMG_811312

“We’re all mad here !”  

These children  have way to much fun when they are together !

The perfect day for a Spring Mad Hatters Tea…

xoxo Sacred Cheryl


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