Styling an Event Poster.

Styling event posters has been something I have been doing a lot lately. So I decided to show you how to create one. The 1st thing I did was lay all these tea  items on a table on a open white frame. This is  for an upcoming tea we will be having at my new studio & boutique. I used natural light coming in from my kitchen window. I took about six shots. I liked this one the best.


 Next I lighten and contrasted the photo so the colors  pop. I used a simple Photoshop I downloaded for free. Picasa 3.


Next I added this overlay from Picasa 3 ,called Comic Book. It creates these cute little dots and soften the photo.


 I added the text last. I love to use a soft script font with a readable font. I always use the colors that are on the photo so to give the entire poster a cohesive look. I wanted this poster to look fresh, inviting and romantic. Maybe I should have added some cookies.


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