The Gift of Lavender…

The gift of lavender is a special gift of luck. So I decided to do these for a baby shower  favor. These are easy to make and very cost-effective. I tea stained the coffee filters and tags the night before and let dry completely. Here is what you will need.

1. Tea stain coffee filters

2. White cleansing pads

3. lavender flowers

4. Lavender oil

5. Ribbons

6. Tags with Strings.

Lay the tea stained coffee filter out and put two white cleansing pads in the middle. Add a couple of drops of  the lavender oil, then add some lavender.

Next gather the top and tie with the ribbon and the tag. Stamp the tag with your choice of stamp.

Arrange the top to look like a ruffle. We are adding these to a blue card that has the date of the baby’s arrival and putting them on each guest  table setting.

The perfect gift for luck.

Enjoy !


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