Last Minute details for DIY Event

Last minute details for Tanya’s shower this Sunday

1. Pick up tablecloths that I pre- ordered all nine of them. Make sure they are the right colors and lengths.

2. Pick up the photos that I had blowed up to 16 x 20’s.

3. Make sure I have enough chalk for all the chalkboards.

4.Check out the fresh flowers at Costco and Trader Joe’s for the colors in stock to be picked up in the morning. Make sure I have enough vases.

5. Call the caterer, make sure the food is on time.

6. Stop by Dora’s to see the finished cake tonight. Pack cake knifes

7. Pack all my retro cameras and retro typewriter for the photo booth.

8.Candy station done, pom-pom made. Props done.

9. Dress to match table clothes dry cleaned

10. All batteries charged for cameras.

11. Start set-up at noon , party at aprox 60 people.

Photos from the party on my next post.

xoxo Cheryl


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